The commercial property prices data set contains nominal commercial property prices for more than 20 countries at various frequencies and is updated monthly. The data differ significantly from country to country in terms of property type, covered area, compilation method and other factors.

Commercial properties include properties rented out at market prices, built for future sale, or used for the production of market goods and services. The data set includes time series on price developments of commercial land, offices, retail premises and industrial properties.

Commercial property price indicators (CPPIs) have long been seen as a useful tool for monitoring financial stability and macroeconomic developments. Yet their availability and international comparability were limited before the Great Financial Crisis. The Data Gaps Initiative (DGI) endorsed by the G20 asked the members of the Inter-Agency Group on Economic and Financial Statistics to improve the dissemination of CCPIs and to start methodological work for their compilation. The second phase of the DGI (2015–21), built on this preparatory work and recommended that international organisations enhance methodological guidance on the compilation of CPPIs, and encouraged dissemination of data on commercial property prices via the BIS website.




The data set is updated once a month, usually in the last week of each month. For details, see the Statistics release calendar.
Commercial property price series are sourced by various public and private compilers such as national statistical offices, central banks, ministries, association of real estate agents, mortgage banks and commercial data providers. The full list of sources can be found here.
For most countries, the BIS commercial property price publications contain time series only for the whole country and/or for the capital and the biggest city. For a few countries, data for additional cities or regions are also available.
With a few exceptions, national compilers publish commercial property price indices adjusted for size and quality changes.