The BIS Data Portal - Global statistics at the heart of international cooperation

BIS statistics, compiled in cooperation with central banks and other national authorities, are designed to inform the analysis of international financial stability, monetary spillovers and global liquidity.

The BIS Data Portal is your entry point to global statistics. You can access a variety of tools and curated, statistical content for guided data and metadata exploration, quick data insights and efficient data export into multiple formats.
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Navigate the Data Portal

The top navigation menu of the BIS Data Portal features the following sections:
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  • Topics – Explore BIS statistics by main topics, select a topic from this menu and discover available data sets, dive into one data set to find details about its methodology, metadata and relevant time series.
  • Releases – Schedule of the latest, upcoming and past statistical releases.
  • Help – Overview of available tools and resources for navigating the BIS data portal and finding, understanding, analysing and exporting our statistics.
  • Search – Search for data series by keywords or series identifier.