Release calendar

The Release calendar of BIS statistics displays relevant information concerning the dissemination date of BIS statistics. Releases can be displayed in calendar or list view.

Screenshot of the release calendar view toggle button

Using the filters at the top of the page, you can select the time period or the data sets for which you wish to view publication dates

Screenshot of the release calendar filters

In the calendar view, you can see upcoming releases (in light red, shown by default) and past releases grouped by month. Click Show past releases or use the arrows to display previous or next months.

Screenshot of the release calendar page showing how to display past releases

In the list view, all upcoming releases are displayed by default. To see past releases, expand the row group by clicking Past releases. The list view can be exported in CSV and Excel format.

Screenshot of the release calendar page showing how to display past releases in the list view

A shorter view of upcoming and past releases is also displayed in the home page.

Screenshot of the release calendar teaser of the home page

You can export the list of releases as Excel or CSV from the List view. You can also access the calendar through the BIS SDMX RESTful API (read more here).

Screenshot of the export dropdown


The BIS SDMX RESTful API web service offers programmatic access to data and metadata published on the BIS Data Portal. It provides a standardised interface for interacting with software systems implementing the SDMX standard.

The related API documentation describes the supported functionality in an interactive way. Data retrieval and discovery are supported in a variety of formats including JSON, XML and CSV.

Through the API, it is also possible to download data, series codes or other information such as data availability. Examples of usage are illustrated in the documentation.