Export data and metadata

BIS statistics can be freely exported from the BIS Data Portal, providing that you comply with our terms and conditions and citation guidelines. You may use the citation field available in the export menu.

The BIS Data Portal offers multiple ways to download BIS statistics in several common formats.

You can export the selected time series by using the check boxes and clicking on the Export button in the top bar of any data selection. Data can be exported as Excel or CSV files. You can download up to 4500 time series.

Screenshot of a topic data page highlighting the export button

You can download a full data set in CSV or SDMX format as a single (zipped) file. From the Data tab of the desired data set, click on Export and select Bulk downloads.

Screenshot of a export modal highlighting the bulk downloads tab

You can also retrieve BIS statistics through the BIS SDMX RESTful API (XML, CSV, and JSON formats). You can test your queries here.

Export tables

You can export tables through the Export button. All tables can be exported with the displayed configuration, as Excel or CSV files. The tables featured in the Tables & dashboards tab can also be exported as PDF files.

You can also download the complete time series that are used to build the table.

Export options summary
Publication table export (Tables & dashboards)Time series view report (Data)Custom table export (Data)


You can share tables or queries through the button as a URL to be copied. The filters and settings of the table are preserved in the shared link.

Screenshot of the share modal of the custom table page

You can share the selected time series through the Share button. Any search term and active filter(s) are also shared.

Screenshot of the share modal of the time series page